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Protection sector

El Ruhama her leading role in Support community reintegration of children And Women affected by armed conflict, including children released; Save Lives of Vulnerable People affected. Protect Conflict-Affected People from Violence, Neglect and Exploitation. The best investment for the future is to create conducive environment for girl education which in turn enhance the quality of socio economic and well-being of the nation. The main objective of this sector is to consolidation the concepts of Human Rights and Child Protection through reunification, training, legal aid services, NFI, and shelter to the people in emergency.

The sector also contributes to women empowerment in emergency situations increasing their economic independence, access to decision making and participation, combat of GBV, ham full practices, and advocates their rights; enhance their quality of life and dignity.


Bolster agricultural production, jumpstart local market activity, support micro-enterprise initiatives, and otherwise enhance a vulnerable community’s access to sustainable sources of food and income. Evaluate Local contribute to sustainable development through provision of and livelihood interventions to reduce acute food insecurity and save lives of vulnerable people affected by conflict and natural disasters. Restore and improve food and livelihoods security of vulnerable households in affected areas and building their resilience of effected population of both natural and /manmade disasters and support them to participate effectively in Environment Protection and Preservation.

Side of the Hand craft business

Training 60women in knittingin murai jangi kass  

El Ruhama organization stands for the distribution of clothing to Nyala prison inmates