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Peace building 

Prior to engage in peace building, we analyze the conflict context with our partners and the community to make a decision how best and smartly activities could be achieved. In some areas, we practically prevent conflict through human rights education, advocacy or support for microfinance activities.

In places where violent conflicts are ongoing; 

El Ruhama pursues for emergency relief programming that does not worsen the conflict, but rather utilizes resources for peaceful change. 

El Ruhama works for consolidating the concept of Peace Building and Conflict management


  • Training providing peace education for children in refugee and IDPs camps.         
  • Improving relations between IDPs and refugees and local inhabitants/host communities.
  • Helping  people to rebuild their homes, reestablish a viable economy that values all members of society.
  • Facilitate to create the social space for the long process of recovering from trauma and reconciling relationships.

El Ruhama activities for Peace building work categorized as:

  • Education, Training and Workshops
  • Prevention and Early Warning
  • Institutions/Peace and Justice Committee
  • Women and Peace building
  • Alternative to violence project (AVP)