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El Rahma Development and Humanitarian Aid, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), began to improve the conditions of refugees and the host community through the Livelihoods Program and several programs.

Thank you to everyone at UNDP for your support on behalf of all those who have benefited from this project. Through the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which contributed with the beneficent in improving the socio-economic situation of the refugees of South Sudan in the camp (Khor Alorl) and the host community in the state of White Nile.

Project Achievements

We facilitate permanent change through

The Livelihoods Program aims to improve self-reliance and livelihoods (70% of South Sudanese refugees) and (30% of host communities) by increasing family assets and income diversification and by focusing on several key outputs:

1. Strengthen the ability to self-help.

2. Provide the opportunity to live.

3. Provide humanitarian assistance services.

4. Address discrimination in all its forms.

5. Environmental protection.

6. Sustainable human resources development.

7. Peaceful coexistence. 8. Peace-building

Composition of communal elves cmc

Training community committees in institutional work and small entrepreneurship

Holding training courses on targeted vegetable trade for 40 women

A training workshop in SME management was conducted targeting 50 participants

Training and ownership of the initial capital of 40 women on the vegetable trade

A visit to support refugees targeted by irrigated agriculture and the host community to deliver agricultural land, seeds and fertilizers

Agricultural Extension Workshops Conduct training courses on targeted vegetable trade for 40 women

Provide assistance and support for rainfed inputs (tractor, tricycle and water pumps)

Technical Support Field visit in harvest season

Activities of the Center for Women

Distribution of vegetable tables


Coordinate with CMC to prepare the celebration

4 community-based training sessions on peacebuilding and resilience activities completed 600 host community members and (refugees)

The sports festival of the host complex and refugees

The sports festival of the host complex and refugees 

Health awareness workshops

Health awareness workshops

Training women in sewing and embroidery

Visit of the Dutch Ambassador