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 Livelihood and Gender-Based Violence programmes for South Sudanese refugees in South & West Kordofan, South & East Darfur States                                                                  JAN 2017 – DEC 2017

Thank you to everyone at the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR) for your support on behalf of all who have benefitted from this project. Through a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) funds        El Ruhama have contributed to improve the socio-economic status of South Sudanese refugees in South & West Kordofan and East & South Darfur.

Project Achievements

1. Livelihood Compound

The Livelihood compound aimed to improve Self-reliance and livelihoods of (85% SS refugees and 15% from host communities) through increasing household assets and income diversification through focus on three key outputs:

1. Access to agricultural/livestock/fisheries production enabled.

2. Access to self-employment/business facilitated.

3. Vocational training/Technical skills provided.

Train and equip Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs).

Bicycle distribution for easy access

Provision of goat restocking packages and training on animal husbandry to 430 vulnerable households

Provision of vaccination campaigns for livestock

Improved food security and diversified incomes through poultry rearing

Training and distribution of basic agricultural inputs (tools and seeds) to 3060 farmers Provision

Establish home-based vegetable

Pasta making training and provision of start-up kits

Making Bakeries Training youth on baking bread

Establishment of cereal shelling machines with generators

Training women on traditional perfume making

Training women on hair dressing and henna

Provision of small businesses as income generating activities (IGA’s)

Provision of Tea/Coffee Shop start-up kits in WK

Establishment of Grocery Shop

Provision of Restaurants Start-up kits

Provision juice bars start-up kits

Provision of donkey carts with donkeys

Training women on fuel efficient stove usage and production

Training and provision of start-up kits for youth in welding and forging techniques

Training and provision of start-up kits for youth on carpentry techniques

Training and provision of start-up kits for youth on masonry techniques 25

Training and provision of start-up kits for youth on motorcycle mechanics

Train 2 case workers 8 Animators

Provision of trainings to ensure clinical El Ruhama for sexual assault survivors

Focus Group Discussions (FGD)

Conduct community public awareness (2 campaigns per location)

Establish and rehabilitation2 Women Friendly Spaces

Distribution of dignity kits

Provision of delivery Kits for new born babies

Activities Funded By El Ruhama

Soap Making Training: 30 Women trained on Soap Making in South Darfur

Handcraft Activities: 40 women in Bielel Camp trained on handcraft