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ES/NON Food Items Sector

Emergency Response

Whenever disasters (natural or man-made) suddenly broke out millions of civilian’s lives is harshly affected and result in Killing, forcing people to flee their homes, overwhelming communities and devastating the environment. The International Rescue Committee intervention is to deliver rapid, lifesaving aid that condenses suffering, restores dignity and leap starts economic recovery.

El Ruhama works in the same trends, supports returnees households with shelter during the first sets of the crisis, ensure basic needs for the most vulnerable groups being attained .The  early response targets conflict affected persons support them to improve living condition as well as their quality of life.


El Ruhama is an active member of ES/NFIs at both state and Khartoum level. It became national acquainted NGO in working within target communities in different project come up with priorities factoring community inputs and built its capacity with efficiency, cost effectiveness and quality. To improve living condition, emergency shelter and NFI needs the beneficiaries to built resilience and distribution of emergency services and kits.


NFI’s Distribution in Nyala Office

Shelter Transportation

Emergency Shelter